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We developed Pig for Pikin also in collaboration with other partners. This allowed us to optimise our budget and benefit from others’ experiences. Nonetheless, this has not protected us from the unforeseen…

What happened?

Put very simply: we have a positive attitude towards change and elasticity in our planning and we had to practice this a lot over the past year. In Lower Fungom there are 13 villages, or better, 13 “village-states”: traditionally, these were totally independent social units. You can guess how such a past has created a web of contacts, alliances, and (micro-)conflicts that pervade the whole area. So, every community is particularly sensitive to matters such as involvement, equality, and representativeness. We tried to maximise chances of “general happiness” by proposing democratic processes to elect village committees and village trainees.  On top of this, we had also to modify some aspects of the project in order to accommodate new emerging demands on the part of the beneficiaries. For one thing, we are now building two main piggeries instead of the one we had budgeted for. These choices were fundamental for the success of the project. As it is having a dedicated project coordinator…

October 2015: Ikom is carrying one of the trainees’ baby while she attends the professional course on pig rearing best practices, School of Agriculture, Polytechnic Bambui. Not an unimportant proof of availability for a man!

Ikom Achuo is our project coordinator. He is really doing a great job, showing authentic commitment to the project. His work has increased exponentially, though, and we did not budget for a full-time position for him.

Paying him 12 months’ salaries: this is the main goal of our upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

Our crowdfunding starts mid-April and aims at collecting $5,300. With this money Lower Fungom children will have one more chance of having a better education experience in their lives!