As we have explained in a blog post, “Pig for Pikin” is part of KPAAM-CAM, where the latter stands for “Key Pluridisciplinary Advances on African Multilingualism – CAMeroon”. It is a 3-year research project based at the University at Buffalo (NY) which is being carried out in partnership with three Cameroonian Universities: Yaounde 1, Buea, and CATUC Bamenda.

The main goals of KPAAM-CAM are:

  • to further our knowledge of individual multilingualism in rural Africa;
  • to develop training models so that research work can be gradually transferred to and managed by local universities and scholars.

KPAAM-CAM wants to become a longitudinal study, i.e. a study lasting for no less than one generation. This is why we pay so much attention to problems of sustainability of the research, and ultimately this is the reason why we developed Pig for Pikin.

Sustainability means stable and fruitful relations among stakeholders. Our stakeholders are the universities, the individual teachers, scholars, and students. In this page we offer a quick view of everything that is in KPAAM-CAM.


Students involved (coming on April 1)

Currently there are ten Cameroonian students actively involved in the project, six of whom are also receiving a scholarship. In the next few weeks we will upload their profiles and current research coordinates.

List of publications


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